CO2 Neutral



Climate change affects every single person and community on our planet, and everyone has a role to play in limiting its progression. Faurecia has an ambitious goal to become CO2 neutral by 2030. Through this program, Faurecia wants to both reduce our environmental impact and create long-term value across our entire supply chain.

Ambitious roadmap for CO2 neutrality

Evaluating and rethinking the way we develop, procure, manufacture, distribute and dispose of products and moving towards a more circular economy will be key on the way to CO2 neutrality.


We will be CO2 neutral for our internal emissions across all of our 300 sites. This will be achieved through using less energy and more renewable energy either purchased or produced on sites. To reach our goals, we partner with experts and invest in energy-efficiency projects at our production facilities.

We want to be CO2 neutral for our controlled emissions. This will be achieved through strong collaboration with our suppliers and the reorganization of our purchasing processes for low-carbon raw materials, in particular steel and plastics, product redesign and services such as transportation.


We aim to be CO2 neutral for our total emissions as the whole industry moves towards zero-emissions mobility and a circular economy.


Faurecia 2020 emissions (in kilo-tons CO2 equivalent)

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